The fresh vocalists are doing music throughout the like and you will brotherhood, fate and you can lives

The fresh vocalists are doing music throughout the like and you will brotherhood, fate and you can lives

No less than a couple of hundred or so subscribers are usually greeting to the matrimony banquet. However, any passer-from the that stuck the fresh tunes away from karnay may come to help you the wedding and he would-be invited due to the fact warmly while the an greet visitor. By tradition, new bride is sitting moderately together with her eyes dropped and her deal with signed that have good gauzy veil. You will find new apartment desserts and you may teapots which have black and green tea, items with chocolate, parvarda, halvah, sugar-navat and you can fruits towards the dining tables. Kazy (a horse-tissue sausage) brains the list of certain meals. To begin with the travelers is given flavored soups-shurpa in abundance knowledgeable having vegetables. Then will come somsa – beef puffs cooked in the oven tandyr, shashliks into the skewers, naryn (noodle soups) and a lot of most other meals. Plov is the acme of your marriage banquet. On lagans you’ll find mountains of pearly rice which have thin slices out of yellow potatoes and you will appetizing pieces of meat exhaling scent. That’s experienced with zira (anise seeds), pepper and saffron. Seedless raisins or quince are set in the newest joyful plov. The fresh beakers are loaded with advanced Uzbek wines. New artists try pleasant the guests’ ears of the to experience the fresh new doyra, surnay and you will dutar. Girls in beautiful national garments is actually carrying out inflammatory dances. In the future the traffic together with join them.

The culmination of your event ‘s the bride’s leaving for brand new groom’s family. Adopting the goodbye ritual, when the fiance states a beneficial-bye in order to their own parents, their particular intimate girlfriends pick their unique out of singing brand new old ritual musical» Ulan» and» Yor-yor». The fresh bridegroom was pregnant the fiance within their put sitting on a chair with college students — younger brothers or nephews — toward their lap. It’s exclusive symbol out of a future higher members of the family.

The newest groom shows the new bride to be towards the doorway of one’s place meant for the students couple. About room this new girl was came across of the yanga — their coming kinswoman. Yanga assists this new bride-to-be to improve their particular gowns behind a specialcurtain — gashanga and also prepared to meet with the younger spouse. New dating bureauer kvinder Danmark groom with his family unit members gets in the latest bedchamber and you can techniques the curtain. Although not, the brand new yanga comes to an end your right here requiring a beneficial a symbol ransom for the bride. Only with bargained towards «price» of such a costly «subject regarding profit» and having paid off the brand new ransom money, this new groom is also join the bride-to-be.

Towards the day pursuing the relationships around initiate the latest ceremony «kelin salomy» — anticipate of the child-in-rules. Because of it ceremony new groom’s parents, their romantic friends, family relations together with nearest locals collect in the grass. One at a time they come to your more youthful lady, bless their own, should their joy and give their own with gifts otherwise money so you’re able to and acquire household stuff.The brand new daughter-in-legislation — kelin should greeting folk bowing as a result of the ground and you will handing everybody else a revenue provide — a light garment otherwise a towel.» Kelin salomy» lasts for several hours and you can with this ceremony the new bride-to-be is meant to transform their own gowns from time to time. This ritual means admittance of one’s dily and you may addition so you’re able to this new family relations and you may natives.

They say you to definitely fall is the better year for wedding parties, in Uzbekistan wedding receptions is actually distinguished the year-round.

In certain regions of Uzbekistan it still support the extremely old ritual going back the latest Zoroastrian traditions out of filtering by fire: in the home of the home the newest freshly-hitched couple strolls within flame 3 x, up until the groom provides the fresh new fiance into the their household

«Fatikha tuy» are accepted due to the fact a proper engagement. The wedding big date is designated truth be told there and. The fresh new bride’s family establish for every matchmaker which have a couple flat cakes and chocolate covered with a cloth-dastarkhan, and have posting gift ideas into bridegroom and his awesome parents. On their return to the latest groom’s domestic brand new matchmakers hand this new trays having gifts so you’re able to their loved ones plus the service «sarpo kurar» — “inform you out of merchandise” starts. One of the bride’s household members (a woman which have of many children) unwraps the latest dastarkhan that have gifts. One of many gifts there should be an stitched suzane, apartment desserts, nice pies and you will candies.

The brand new freshly married grab a keen honorable invest the middle of the new table from the record off rugs

The latest early morning plov can be ready by moment if very first prayer «bomdon namozi» is accomplished, which is, as much as of the 5:29 a good.m. The latest audio out of karnay, surnay and you can doyra call the latest traffic on get rid of. The brand new prayer which have wishes regarding better-being– fotikha being uttered, apartment desserts and you will teas are provided on site visitors. After that comes plov served inside the bigdishes – lagans. Each one of these agreements is accompanied with songs and you may melodies performed from the painters and you will vocalists. Pursuing the buffet the new honorary travelers try offered chapans andembroidered skull-caps, plus the empty lagans was cleaned away. That have indicated the appreciation with the host, new tourist leave. Generally, lots of people are allowed into early morning plov whenever the first number of site visitors simply leaves, the fresh new tables is actually easily put so you can invited this new website visitors.

Adopting the adult blessing the imam (a good Moslem priest) checks out the newest prayer throughout the relationships «hutbay nikokh» into the younger couple and announces all of them wife and husband during the the face of Jesus. The imam demonstrates to you towards the freshly ily life. Then the bridegroom while the bride constantly go to an effective registry office to register the municipal relationships.

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